Just hold on we’re going home..

So although this is kind of meant to be a fashion blog, I’ve always had a passion for music and singing (and playing the guitar not so well). I started a YouTube channel about 5 years ago now I think, but just like this blog I’ve only put up about 10 videos maybe within those five years. I have no idea why I’m so awful with posting things. I tend to put myself down a lot so it can be quite rare when I finally manage to force myself to upload a new video. I’ve said this so many times in the past five years that ‘I will upload more videos” but now I’m going to set myself a goal. At least one new video every two months, considering my average was only two a year before I think this is pretty fair? Anyway I uploaded a new video last night it’s an acoustic cover of Drakes ‘Hold on we’re going home’ it’s not the best as I wanted to just get it uploaded before I changed my mind. But I’d love it if anyone fancied giving it a watch.

Hold On We’re Going Home – Drake Acoustic Cover (Fallon Gilchrist)



Bit chilly isn’t it?

Back again, shock horror! So last week I went back to Oxford but unfortunately didn’t take any OOTD pictures as I was always so busy doing something. Next time I promise I will! Anyway after Oxford I’ve had a few ‘meh’ days and have been feeling pretty down, really sucks when you get into that mindset! But here I am alive and well after a trip to the hairdressers earlier to try and get rid of a green hue I’ve had in my hair since the devilish purple stained it. It’s kind of lifted but there’s still a slight tint annoyingly and all I can do now is wait for it to fade. Patience isn’t a virtue of mine..

Moving on to my OOTD, as we’ve been hit by a cold spell I knew I had to layer up to stop myself from getting hypothermia. Unfortunately I didn’t account for the rain and managed to get soaked on my way back home, because someone was silly enough to forget their umbrella. Luckily I took pictures before I left the house (10 points to me)!

Mom jeans – Topshop top – Zara Jumper – New Look Loafers – Topshop Coat – Topshop Scarf – ASOS



Comfort chillin

Today I’ve decided to work on my blog and I did not realise and anticipate how much thought and effort goes into it. I take my hat off to all you bloggers out there, I really do! I think I need to get myself a quirky notebook and pen, sit myself down and really figure out what my blog is going to be all about. But until that moment arises any blog posts I may put up will mainly be OOTD’s and any writing alongside it will most likely be me babbling pointlessly.

So here’s my ‘comfort chillin’ ootd which is a pair of High Waisted Mom Jeans – Topshop teamed with this lovely Oversized Structured Top – Mango (Barcelona) and a pair of Grey Chunky Knitted Socks – Topshop accessorised by the rose gold Lion Head Necklace – New Look 



Oxford bound

So yesterday I took my first ever trip to the wonderful city of Oxford, although I did have slight worries that I’d end up in Oz instead due to the ridiculous 100 mph winds.. (maybe a slight exaggeration)!

Oxford is a stunning place, the buildings radiate history and there’s such a calm and peaceful atmosphere to it. Apart from the overlook on the large (ridiculously intelligent) student population. Unfortunately I never took any pictures of the beauty that was presented, but I’ll definitely be returning in the near future so I’ll save my touristy ways for then.

However I did manage to snap my ootd before rushing to get the train. Here I’ve paired my Miss KG boots with Black Joni Jeans – Topshop and a Khaki Ribbed Top – River Island I made sure to wrap up warm in my timeless Black Cocoon Coat – Topshop and Tartan Dogtooth printed scarf – Zara




Miss KG

Here I am over a year late for my next blog post, yep I truly am bad at this. But a New Years resolution has given me a push and a shove to give this another shot!

The festive season flew in and ended as quickly as it began and I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas until a few days before. I definitely wasn’t my mums favourite in the run up to it, as she likes to get things sorted at least two months in advance. But at last the 23rd December rolled around and my parents decided to brave the Christmas shoppers and force me to finally choose my Christmas presents. After a ‘grown up’ discussion with my mum she convinced me to finally get my first real ring and not the bronze tat I like to get from Topshop. So I ended up getting this absolute beauty from H.Samuel.



My other present was found when I wondered into the Kurt Geiger store in Swindon Outlet Centre. I had no idea Kurt Geiger had started making boots under the name 'Miss KG' and I am a huge sucker for a pair of black chunky ankle boots. I definitely feel like a biker chick in these!


Here’s an outfit I put together today with these glorious boots. Velvet leggings – Missguided Grey long sleeved crop top – Topshop Khaki jacket – vintage


Leopard print chic

Firstly I’d like to apologise for how late this post is. I’m terrible when it comes to sticking to things and blogging has certainly taken a backseat. So for that I’m sorry, but hopefully I can make up for it with this post!

So on the 5th November it was my birthday (thanks to everyone that set off fireworks to celebrate it)! I know, I know practically a month late blog post! Anyway I travelled up to Scotland the day after to spend 9 days with the boyf and was treated to a lovely birthday night out in Glasgow. Full of cocktails, Italian food and a cheeky large glass of wine. Here’s what I wore..


Top – Zara Shorts – Topshop Flatforms – ASOS

I love the combination of this leopard print shirt with the floral velvet shorts which I had purchased both on the day/night out in Glasgow. Paired with my super cosy tights from Primark this kept me nice and warm on the chilly night out. This top is my number one fave at the moment and I’m pretty much wearing it with everything. Safe to say I’m obsessed!

The transition into Autumn

As all British people know and anyone that’s visited Britain you have to be prepared for any type of weather because it’s so damn temperamental over here. It’s nothing extreme but mother nature loves to have a good ol’ variety within a few days. So in the past two weeks its gone from being quite warm and cloudy to humid to a sudden drop in temperatures to high winds and pouring it down with rain at different times. But then again that is the transitional period into Autumn and today I felt was a proper lovely Autumn day. Not cold enough that you need to wear a coat, but just the right temperature where a jumper is the right choice and not a rain cloud in sight. So due to my analogy of the weather I chose to finally wear my new jumper that I brought from Zara last week and I’ve fallen in love. 






Jumper – Zara (couldn’t find it on the website sorry!!) Jeans – Topshop Shoes – Primark

Isn’t this jumper just gorgeous?! Anyway I decided to buy it a size up and go for the medium because I like my jumpers to be oversized. However it’s already meant to be an oversized jumper so it’s a tad too big but I’m not bothered. I chose to pair it with my topshop Joni jeans which I absolutely love because they are the comfiest jeans I’ve ever brought in my life and I tucked the front bit in otherwise the jumper does slightly drown me out due to it’s oversized nature. Also I put on my lovely maroon coloured primark shoes as I think the shade compliments the overall pink outlook of the jumper. 

I now think the outside world shall be seeing a lot more of this jumper! Anyway excuse my dirty mirror in the pictures I clearly need to give it a good clean, sorry mum! 

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The killer maxi

Apologies for the late post but I was up in Scotland for ten days visiting the boyf and then I came back to having to work every day so all my spare moments were filled with watching Netflix and sleeping! But I’ve finally chosen to take a quick break from my Netflix addiction to give you all a nice new post!

Whilst I was up in Scotland my boyfriend had a joint party with his best pal to celebrate their 21st’s (which his is actually today) and them two and all their close pals decided to wear suits. Obviously I had a huge dilemma on my hands, what do I wear?? If he was wearing a suit that meant I was going to have to be dressed on the same level as him! So I’d already decided that it was definitely a dress I would need to wear. The search for a dress that I had no idea what kind I wanted began on a long day of shopping in Glasgow right from when the shops opened, right to when they closed. Much to the boyfs displeasure, woops! However I had found my perfect dress right from the start in River Island, but me being me I was indecisive and couldn’t decide whether it was too dressy and if it was worth spending £45 on if I might not wear it again. Anyway I chose to put it aside to carry on looking around, and I did find similar cheaper options but they just weren’t as AMAZING as that first dress. So in the end, 20 minutes before the stores closed I rushed back to River Island to purchase this beautiful maxi metallic dress. 


Dress – River Island 

I am so happy I decided to buy it in the end, and I actually think this is too good for the price it is! It fitted me so well and accentuated my waist even more with the flattering twisted part. It was unbelievably comfortable and made me look like I was sparkling as you can kind of tell in this picture! Although I did have to wear my massive wedges with this dress because it was so long and by the end of the night it was starting to drag on the floor mainly because alcohol had got the better of me and I was carelessly stepping on the bottom! But this really is the perfect dress for any up-coming Christmas parties so I shall definitely be wearing this again at one point! Well done River Island you’ve really outdone yourself on this one, you’ve made me one very happy customer!

Festival blues

It’s the end of summer and alongside it festival season, it’s a sad time for the masses! Unfortunately I only got to experience one festival this summer which was T in the Park but it was still uh-mazing! It was the first time I’ve ever been to TITP and the weather was perfect which is highly unusual for Scotland so I’m so happy I chose to go there this year! I will never forget the moment I finally got to watch Mumford and Sons live and my god they didn’t disappoint. I will wait, Lover of the Light and Below my feet were my absolute faves during the set and I definitely need to see them again! Anyway as a farewell to the festival season here’s a little outfit I put together in the spirit of things..



 Kimono – eBay (they no longer have my one in stock but do have it in grey)  Dress – Missguided  Shoes – Urban Outfitters (purchased last year for a tenner BARGAIN)

I wish I had brought this dress before TITP so I could have worn this outfit and to finish it off a large floral headband would have done the trick, oh I miss festival season already..

Simplicity at its best

My first ever blog here goes..

Last weekend I attended the beautiful wedding of my Auntie and Uncle who have been together for an incredible 18 years and have finally tied the knot! Amazingly they performed the ceremony with their two young children who behaved very well and kept schtum. My Aunties dress was absolutely stunning and I’m gutted I didn’t take a photo of her on my phone. The day itself was lovely having picture perfect weather although I did slightly worry about the length of the ceremony because I was absolutely sweltering! But needn’t worry because it wasn’t long before we were being scurried out for the staff to transform the room into a place for speeches, toasts and delicious food to be had in.

Anyway that’s just a little something about the wedding but what I really wanted to share was the lush mint green dress I purchased for it. A few weeks before the wedding I still hadn’t found the dress I was longing to wear, my family started harassing me to find one quickly because I was running out of time. But I believed I would find the dress and low behold I did. Two weeks before the wedding I decided to explore ASOS Marketplace and specifically typed in mint dress and over 100 options popped up, my fingers were well and truly crossed. After much scrolling, clicking and searching I eventually opened a mint green sheer maxi length dress with a slit up the side. The dress had embellishment along the neckline and the simplicity really stood out for me, I decided straight away I was buying that dress. Apart from the seller not sending out the dress during the delivery time that was stated and the dress having pieces of thread hanging off of it when it arrived I still adored it when it was on.

So here’s a picture of me and the boyf just before we were ushered inside to witness the ceremony. Image

Dress – £36 ASOS Marketplace Shoes – £30 ASOS Marketplace

Bag – £7.99 New Look (unfortunately they no longer have the white version of this bag)

I think the mint green really suits my skin tone and hair colour and I decided to plait the ‘fringe’ length of my hair up and leave the rest wavy to give the overall Grecian Goddess vibe. The boyf doesn’t look too bad himself..